Finacard is a Dust free animal bedding that's suitable for rodents, cavies, equines and felines

Finacard Animal Bedding
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Animal Bedding and more from Finacard

Welcome to Finacard, where you will find how to buy google shares a wide range of animal bedding and nesting materials. Whether you are looking for paper cat litter or paper horse bedding you are guaranteed to find it here.

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We stock the following animal products:

  • Paper horse bedding
  • Cardboard bedding
  • Paper cat litter pellets
  • Nesting materials

Our animal bedding is perfect for horses, rabbits,rats,guinea pigs, mice and more. If you have any questions about our innovative products please do not hesitate to get in touch. Contact us for more information or bulk orders on 0800 458 0226. Alternatively you can reach us via our contact page.

Why Choose Finacard?

Our animal bedding materials HTTPS://BRAINYTRADING.COM.PK/ are made from 100 per cent recycled materials ensuring they are kind to the environment and animals alike. Unlike other brands our horse bedding and paper litter pellets will not create dust when in use. Made from super absorbent materials our animal bedding is not only a more hygienic choice but masks odours well. We know that animal owner's look for convenient products and our horse bedding is hassle free when it comes to the disposal of it. We have a number of options including paper bedding, cardboard bedding and paper litter pellets to meet your individual needs. Trust Finacard for high quality animal bedding at affordable prices.

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Whether you are looking for soft paper bedding for your kittens, or some durable bedding solutions for your horses we have a suitable product for you. Shopping online for paper horse bedding is simple with Finacard. Browse our superb HTTP//BRAINYTRADING.COM.PK selection of animal bedding products and click to add them to your shopping cart. We know that exceptional customer service is paramount and strive to do everything we can to make your online experience enjoyable.

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